30 Days To Health – Look Good, Feel Great – Naturally!

Hi, My name is Linda Everglade and I am a nutritional life coach – and I’m going to help you end the frustration with your body. By now most of us have tried every fad diet available – to no avail. The truth is: Fad Diets Do Not Work. They are popular because they promise quick results, are relatively easy to implement, and claim to make the user look and feel wonderful. Unfortunately, they seldom promote healthy weight loss and never work long term. Carbo-restricted diets can leave you feeling tired due to low energy levels (carbohydrate is an important source of energy in the body), constipated because of not enough roughage and are generally lacking in fresh fruit and vegetables. They may even have dangerous side effects and contribute to malnutrition. Diets that rely on food combining are restrictive and hard to maintain long term. Who wants to live on cabbage soup or eliminate carbs forever? Eventually the diet is broken and users gain back the weight they lost – often even more so. The only way to successfully maintain a healthy weight is by changing your lifestyle and long term eating habits. So why don’t more of us do it? Because we’re too busy working, fetching the kids, shopping for groceries – basically living our frenetic lives – to pay much attention to our health. After all, the body is amazingly resiliant and can take some serious abuse. Health problems are often not evident until its too late. So we brush our guilty consciences under the carpet along with our gym memberships and good intentions and steadfastly ignore them – to our own detriment! Do any of these excuses sound familiar?

“I’m a working mother. Between my job and the kids I don’t have time to workout.” “Gym memberships are expensive and I don’t have time to go jogging every night.” “I live alone and it’s more convenient to order a take-away or ready-made meal than to cook a healthy low-fat meal for one every night.” “My husband doesn’t like to eat ‘diet food’ and I can’t make two separate meals every night.” Shopping every day for healthy food is expensive and when I buy fresh groceries they end up going off as I don’t use them anyway.”

We hear you!! And you’re absolutely right, it’s difficult to find the time to shop for healthy food, go to gym or join a regular yoga class. Changing your life cannot be done in a day.

That’s why we developed the 30 Days to Health program – to help normal, busy people change their lifestyle one step at a time – or rather one day at a time.

"I was shocked at how unhealthy I looked last year, tired, rings under my eyes, no energy. Now my friends all comment on my vivacity and how great my skin looks! I’m overjoyed and I’ll never revert back to my old ways again!" Louise – Surrey…



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