5 Methods to Increase B2B Gross sales Via LinkedIn Social Promoting

5 Methods to Increase B2B Gross sales Via LinkedIn Social Promoting

If the company is anything like some that I’ve seen around Silicon Valley, your sales repetitions see their quotas increase one fourth after 1 / 4. With lofty goals, every merchant must utilize all the various tools he has at his removal to close the offer.

While social advertising sometimes gets a negative rep among specialists because of the endless content about difficult mathematics problems and memes, when done well, communal multimedia can be one of the very most effective and underutilized stations for sales clubs.

5 Ways to Boost B2B Sales Through LinkedIn Social Selling


This may be obvious, but a reminder never hurts: you should always connect with your leads! Having access to the content that they like and share is paramount to having a strong conversation with them. This is especially important to do if your lead is publishing original content on LinkedIn. Why? Because re-promoting their content by sharing it shows your support. Personally, I absolutely love when one of our vendors shares my content. It shows me that the rep is actually interested in having a relationship with me and that I’m not just closed won business.

Remember though, when you invite your prospect, always send them a tailored request to connect. Selling is way better received when it feels like a 1-to-1 relationship, rather than a blanket message to all people. As social selling magnate Nancy Nardin would say, “Social is personal!”


If you’re a person who manages social advertising, sales enablement, or cultural mass media at a ongoing company, you may easily get people worked up about their SSI report with a sales performance motivation account (SPIF) and giveaways. Performing a major team-wide competition of who can boost their SSI credit score to the best in a particular month will not only help your sales force sell better, but also help you to get more brand publicity.

DoYou Use Linkedin? What different tips do you need to help deals through LinkedIn or other social stages? Offer them in the remarks beneath!



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