5 Mistakes you should avoid in content marketing

5 Mistakes you should avoid in content marketing

When is Content unsuccessful? If he does not reach the users. For example, because the content is only oriented on search engines, not on positive user experiences.

Let’s go through 5 typical mistakes that Stefanie Flaxman has put together on Copyblogger:

The reader can not do anything with the content
The headlines are unspecific
The presentation of the content is boring
Missing reader connection
Your content is not sales
# 1 – The reader can not do anything with the content
Even if your content is excellent, it does not have to be understood by the reader.

If you only think about the search engine, read the reader.

Assuming you write an SEO guide for SMEs, the following questions are important:

What is the typical knowledge of the medium-sized company?
How do you build the didactic report?
How do you explain important terms so that the medium-sized company can imagine something like this?
How do you relate to the urgent needs and concerns of the SMEs?
What is the reason for the SME to deal with this guide?
Such a guide will appear to the marketing professional or the online marketing specialist as an old hat. But he will fit for the untroubled businessman.

What does this mean? Prepare the content so that it generates resonance with the avatar.

# 2 – The headlines are unspecific

The headline sells the text, the subheadline the section. If the headline does not emit any resonance, the reader jumps off.

So ask the following questions to your headline?

Does it make a promise?
Is there a benefit offered?
Is the headline surprising and formulated in a pointed way?
# 3 – The presentation of the content is boring
Content accuracy is the one, the appealing presentation the other. Really fascinating the reader, that’s the point.

What makes a successful presentation? It is entertaining and exciting, novel and didactic. Good and easy to read.

Building voltage arcs, for example with storytelling formulas, is a good thing.

# 4 – Missing reader connection

Whoever does not bind his reader loses him in the information floods of the web. Only to offer Lesestoff is too little. When is there need for action? If your content is so good that the reader wants to learn more. For example, a good newsletter concept helps.

The newsletter will work if the reader gets the feeling that he would miss something without newsletters.

# 5 – Your content is not sales
The mentor does not live by air alone. He has to sell. So check your content to see if it’s salesman. The framework of Cialdini is a good help here:

Is your content appealing?
Does your content include steps of increasing commitments?
Are you bidding for the offer free of charge?
Is the content sound and verifiable? Through expert statements or statistics?
Do you offer social proof elements such as testimonials or references?
Can you manage to make a difference?
Conclusion – creating content is constant optimization
Filing, optimizing and supplementing is part of the workflow of content marketers. Content marketing is a constant process to systematically improve content. These 5 tips will help you.

Which tip could you take with you? What would you supplement? I am looking forward to a feedback.

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