7 Marketing Trends to Help you DOMINATE Social Media in 2017

7 Marketing Trends to Help you DOMINATE Social Media in 2017

Today I’m going to share with you my seven strategies to help you dominate social media in 2017. Where social media is going in 2017  because I was featured in Forbes Magazine as one of their Top 40 social marketing aptitudes. And so I shared my thoughts and then is considered to myself, I should share with you guys so you can dominate your social media in 2017 too. So here are my seven ways. Number one is small business will feed brands. From all the labels that I’ve seen, they truly suck at social. The content suctions. There’s a lot of make character in it.

It appears marvelous but they miss the authenticity, and they miss the storytelling, and they miss the heart and this is your chance. Guys, everybody’s on social. It’s such an amazing space to drive traffic, to drive attention, to drive customers to your business. It’ll, increasingly  in 2017 is just one of the primary drivers for any entrepreneur in your company and it’s your chance to stand out. For entrepreneurs, this has always been, like your tale, your authenticity had all along been the way to stand out.

If you have a website that searches super corporate and boring because you’re trying to compete with the big guys you’re always going to lose. Because if you seem the same as one of the large-scale guys, the only reason why I’m going to go with you is because of price and that’s not video games you want to be in. You should be able to accuse a payment for what you do because I can connect with you on a personal level.

I love your story, I love your ardors, I love your commitment. I feel like I’m going to get better service with somebody who actually cares than going to the big company. And because authenticity and storytelling is how small and medium-sized businesses win , now you have the platform, people to go out and win at a bigger scale. Now it’s not just relying on people to visit your website or meet you at a commerce see. You can do it through content, through YouTube videos, through your Twitter, through Snapchat, through Instagram.

All these different platforms give you the capacities like never before to reach an audience with your authentic tale and ardour in a way that labels can’t. The labels are boring. Use that to your advantage to win and eat them.( energetic music) Number two is video’s going to predominate. Video is going to become more and more and more and more important. And it’s not just YouTube, we have Snapchat, we have Instagram stories, we have Twitter getting into video. Everybody is getting into video. The formats that we did for different durations doesn’t matter but video is going to be more and more and more and more and more important. Everybody has a device now to really record video. And high quality video, and so being able to practice your storytelling in front of a camera, to share your expertise, to show off whether you are love doing what you’re doing so much, to be positioned as the expert in your industry, are becoming so much more important and I actually encourage you guys to start practising your video storytelling.

Again, this is an easy way to stand out, because you interview someone at a big brand, at “owners corporations”, their videos are so bad. There’s no connection. They don’t know what it’s like actually dealing with a customer, where you do. You experience “the consumers ” every single period. Where some administrator at some big company doesn’t. And so video is an astonishing the possibilities for “youve got to” stand out. The people who are going to win are either the ones who have great storytelling, right, can be authentic, can answer questions, can connect their ardour through the camera. And likewise the ones who might be more gear brains who can focus on the 360 video, who can focus on the 4k and 8k, right? Have something else. You don’t need to be at the high-pitched purpose. This is enough. Your phone is enough. If you’re passionate and you’re an expert, sharing that content is appropriate to stir me feel that connection to you and stimulate me want to buy from you. The interesting thing in video that we’re going to see more of is live.

Everybody’s pushing live. People want to see behind the scenes which is a big advantage for entrepreneurs because when it’s live, people don’t expect the product excellence. If somebody’s just snapping some videos or doing Facebook Live, they expect it to be from a telephone. You don’t need to have a camera crew. You don’t need to have the suns set up and expensive gear and five people around you maintaining different microphone. You don’t need any of that. The expenditures have come down to zero. The costs have come down to this, right. You have it. You have the same ability as every big label to win in live video and it’s only going to be more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more and more important so start doing it ASAP.

Number three is mobile first will win. You have to be paying attention to mobile. Search at your website. Appear at where people are coming from. Seem at the past five years. No matter what industry you’re going to be in, you’ll see that mobile has taken up a larger, greater, greater glob of your visitors. And in the next 12 to 24 months it may be almost all of your business. And so it depends on your industry. For some corporations, already the number 1 traffic informant. For some it’s 30% or 40% but it’s getting there. And so if you’re thinking about your next website or your next social media post that you’re going to be putting up, you have to be thinking mobile first. I’m in a process of redoing my website for both industries. You should be looking at yours. Don’t just assume that people are going to be using a desktop eternally and optimize around that. Or a laptop. It has to be mobile. The companies that are going mobile first are going to win, it’s only going to get more important. Start now, don’t lost touch, don’t be here in 18 months and wondering why your business tanked where, when I go to your website on a mobile phone and it looks like crap and I can’t find your info, right.

Number four is advertise expenditures are going to rise. They’ll prevent rising. It’s still actually a great deal if you look at Facebook ads. If you want to target Facebook ads, it’s still an amazing bargain is comparable to any other platform, but “the worlds biggest” brands are starting to pay attention. The big-hearted labels are always behind. It’s just the nature of the beast. They’re still spending money on TV and radio and billboard. They’re still spending money but it’s shifting.

It’s now shifting. They realize how far behind they are and it’s starting to switch and so the possibilities of window is closing down. Publicize rates are going to go up as big brands start altering their own budgets from TV into online. But there’s still business opportunities now. There’s still a window within the next 12 to 24 months to be able to capitalize and I’d be looking to Facebook firstly. If you are able to specify a target audience, you know these are the people that you need to target. You know we do it for CharlieDan’s Salsa. We look at people who are between 25 years old and 35 years old, is our sweet place and we pass targeted campaigns against them. Men like this, wives like this, within a geographic area. So whatever your business is, if you can target, if you know what your target audience look like, I would still be on Facebook ads as the number one advertise platform for you but costs are going to go up so you have to be smarter about how you do it.( energetic music) Number five is influencer marketing is going to explode.

It’s going to happen. You have to realize that the people with the voice now, the person or persons with the audience, is not just the big networks. It’s not just threw an ad on some TV evidence and hopin’ that things are going to taken away from. Especially YouTube and Instagram, people with large followings and building up Snapchat now too. People with large-scale followings, getting them to support or use your product. It’s not just about hoping that Kim Kardashian wears your shoes and you take off. You can get insane results from other influencers and those rates are going to rise as well, right. Now it’s massively underpriced working in cooperation with influencers to get their buy-in because there is not as much necessitate. If you think about advertising rates coming up, the next wave is going to be influencer marketing.

And so that’s an opportunity while the large-scale brands are slow and sluggish and behind. It’s an opportunity for entrepreneurs to identify who are the 10 influencers that my audience were concerned about and how do I get them to work with my business, talk about my product or service, has become a user, while the costs are still actually cheap. The other thing to be considered for influencer marketing is you have to let them control the message.

This is something I belief entrepreneurs are better at than big labels. A plenty of brands say you have to do this, you have to mention these five points about how great our product is. You need to understand you’re dealing here creative people. They know their audience better than you do. They know what works better than you do. And so you have to be willing to give up some creative self-control to somebody who really knows their audience to let that campaign win. And so I’d be focusing more on influencers and give them creative restraint to do what they want to do to help pump your products or services.( energetic music) Number six is content is going to grow. The amount of content is going to explosion. It already is.

How many times are you going to meetings now and you determine people holding up cell phones, recording? How many people are recording parts of their daily life and snapping portraits? It’s growing like crazy. The supply is out of control and it’s only going to continue to explosion in 2017 and so you need to find a way to stand out. Any day there’s one tonne of quantity, then it’s the quality that they are able to stand out. You have to find your angle.

You got to find your niche. You got to find the thing that you do that’s different. And so the style for entrepreneurs to stand out is one, you need to create content. Like formerly a week is going to become not sufficient. Once a few weeks right now is various kinds of good. Formerly a week is not going to be enough. You’re going to have to move to daily content. You need to find something everyday to talk about in your business. And so some thoughts, you can share the stories of the person or persons working with you or the stories of your clients. The stories of why you started this business and what gets you all excited. You can share your expertise. It can be your thoughts on the sector and where it’s going. It could be any issues that people come in and ask you. It could be from your audience and mentioning, “Hey you can make a video about this.” It could be what your patrons are coming in and asking you everyday in your company.

Turn those into video or written content for your canals to start to stand out. It could also be the sawdust of your company. Right, sawdust used to be seen as a byproduct that you would put away. Right, the committee is garbage , nobody would ever use this and then company would recognize, hey you can become sawdust into products, right. So think about the stuff that you do day-to-day in your business that you never account, that “youve never” share, that you never put out and make it public. You could. That behind the scenes, authentic material is, is where entrepreneurs can win because the labels never want to do that. The labels are always so concerned about how it gazes and how they were are going to judge them and is it going to pass through legal. Is it going to pass through all of our PR team right, and then nothing intent up get produced except the overly developed material that people don’t resonate with. It’s your probability as an entrepreneur. Testify me behind the scenes. Depict me how you construct your pizza.

Show me what you’re doing to create that website and you’re grinding out the code. Demonstrate me your day-to-day life. Depict me that behind the scene material. Construct it authentic. Shape it daily. So you can do a vlog. You can do a Q& A. You can do storytelling. Has to be regular, consistent, daily content that’s character, if you want to start standing out.( energetic music) And amount seven is that relevant data geeks are going to reign. It’s really important to have both the passion and excite and fire that the entrepreneur founder can bring but you have to look at the analytics as well. The people who were so focused on SEO and driving website traffic and changeover optimization, you know all of that data geek stuff, you’re going to have to bring to your social channels as well.

Understanding how to hack the YouTube algorithm. Understanding how to place Facebook ads and have it generate a return on investment. Whether that’s you, if that’s you and you enjoy the science and you adoration the data and you love diving in and figuring out what works best and hacking it and building it better and going to seminars and researching and watching videos and attaches great importance to get better constantly because it’s, once you figure out how to hack YouTube, it’s going to change in 3 month. So you got to stay on top of it. It’s a constant duel to stay on top of the algorithm just like it was in SEO. And so there is a requirement either be that person or you need that person on your crew and say you know what, I don’t care about that material I want to focus on establishing the content and being the Ceo and being the commander. You need to bringing that person on board who has the passion, who loves keeping up with it or you’re going to, you going to lose because the entrepreneurs, the one who’s are going to win are the ones who get it or deliver someone on to help them with it.

You need to understand the analytics and if you’re that data nerd, if you adoration biding on top of things and tweaking and hacking, that’s going to be a massive opportunity for you this year and going forward. So that’s what I got. Those are my seven routes that you can dominate social media in 2017. I’d love to know what do you think? What was your favorite one? What are you going to apply immediately into your business? What did you learn the most from? Did I miss something? Is there an eight, nine, 10 that you want to add to the listing? Leave it down at the comments. I’m going to join in the discussion.



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