ABS: The Secret Revealed – a book by Lazar Angelov

— If you are reading this, then you must have heard of me. I am Lazar Angelov, one of the world’s top fitness models and a certified personal trainer. You ask yourself the question how did I do it, how did I sculpt my body and attained such aesthetic physique? Some say I took the easy route, but trust me, I made many mistakes along the long road to success. I learned from those mistakes and now I am trying to help others avoid them. There are no shortcuts, my friend, the only way is through hard work and dedication. Strangely enough my bodybuilding success happened because of a mishap…I was in the beginning of my professional basketball career and had big dreams of becoming one of the best in that sport, until I sustained a serious knee injury. I thought my path as an athlete was over…until I started lifting weights. Strength training made me believe in myself, made me more disciplined and gave me a feeling of self-fulfillment. I dedicated my life to building the perfect body, despite of my setback. I have gone through muscle soreness and grueling workouts, but I never lost motivation, always set new goals and worked as hard as I could. I have been featured in many popular magazines, TV shows, commercials, music videos. I am considered to have the best abs in the world. I have always tried to use my fame in order to help others improve and develop. My knowledge and advices have helped thousands of people transform their bodies and my balanced physique has inspired millions more. And you know what? I believe that you can do it too! You can achieve a body like mine through perseverance, dedication and proper training! Just look at me – I turned my misfortune into a great success!

The professional Division of the International Sport Sciences Association Certified Fitness Trainer

— Trying to achieve the perfect abs? Still struggling with those extra pounds of belly fat? Hold your breath buddy because I have the ultimate solution for you. "ABS: The Secret Revealed" is not just a book I wrote to finally answer people’s questions, it’s much more than that. It is the result of many years of working out, tons of books read and A LOT of changed lives through my personal training program. Every single day I receive hundreds and hundreds of messages from my fans asking me how did I do it, how did I achieve the perfect abs and get ripped as a beast. In my book I am finally revealing the secret behind the way I did it and the way many people I have trained through the years did it. By reading it you’ll get very deep into the process of getting your dream six pack. The knowledge I am going to share with you through the book is a step-by-step guide covering a wide variety of topics including dieting, proper nutrition, best ab exercises…



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