Advanced Tracking With Prosper 202 – Official Site

"Why didn’t I have this guide when I started full time in 1997? I could have made probably at least a million more if I had it. Tracking can be so hard and frustrating. Yet it’s absolutely crucial. And while there are some well done free sites about Prosper 202, they don’t approach this depth. This is so complete and a JOY to read. Really, really well written AND laid out! I KNOW tracking isn’t exciting or sexy. But without it, you’re just shooting in the dark. I’m really so excited to go through ALL of this product and start using it! I’ll add that even if you use ANOTHER tracking solution, you’ll still learn so many things about tracking from this, I’d highly recommend you get it. If you’re a real marketer, or a real serious marketer, or you simply don’t like losing money, just snag this little gem now." – Marlon Sanders

"I really want to thank you for having put together this masterpiece. This is the most in-depth, well-written tracking training there is. A real mind opener in the understanding of what tracking really means, how to do it properly, the importance it has in our marketing efforts, and MOST of all what you can really do once you master this skill… and just to top it off, a superb writing style. Thank you so much man." – Romolo Lerza

"I would call this basically a master class on tracking. This is the sort of thing that the 6 and 7 figure marketers are implementing in their campaigns. Anyone who aspires to reach that level of success would be wise to grab this course, learn the material, and count themselves within the elite ranks of campaign trackers!" – Sheldon Gray

"What Stephen has done is put together a complete and comprehensive tracking bible that gives you all the nuts and bolts of the tracking assembly procedure. This series in my opinion is just as basic as having breakfast in the morning, a must-have resource." – Johanna Vandemortel

"Volume #4 may be the most important product on CPA marketing that you will ever come across. I am going to have to agree with Chad Hamzeh and say that Stephen is a genius when it comes to this stuff. The information inside The Ultimate CPA Strategy is simply outstanding and it is clear that Stephen has an incredible understanding of what he is teaching." – Timothy Miranda

"I’ve been around long enough to be able to decide what is good and what is garbage when it comes to IM products. This product is good, in fact it may even be definitive…" – David T. McCarthy

"One of the best, most complete products I’ve ever purchased. Thank you very much for sharing this depth of knowledge. Incredibly high return on the dollars spent!" – Mike Cooch

"Once in a while a product comes along that has the look and feel of quality and this product not only promised quality it delivered it in abundance…



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