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Why is this so important?  Because, if there is a single cause, then there is a single cure and it applies in all circumstances of post birth ailments.  That means, if you weren’t born with it, then it doesn’t belong.  And it makes no difference if you have a genetic predisposition for an ailment or not.  If it wasn’t expressing itself at the time of your birth, then it doesn’t belong!

So how did we get to this state, this condition of illness or weight imbalance?  I think we all understand that, over time, our bodies breakdown.  We go from healthy to experiencing such things as low energy, weight issues, illness of some sort or showing the tell tale signs of aging.  So how did we get where we are now?  The short answer is, “the gradual breakdown of our body.”

Unfortunately, this is where we tend to stop our “productive” research and begin the process of chasing and treating symptoms.

Example:  We know our body is breaking down.  We don’t actually know why.  We just assume it’s an issue of time (aging) or genetics so we accept it.  Then we turn our attention to our symptoms and this is where the real horror begins.

Naturally, most of us are focused on our symptoms because they cause us suffering.  Unfortunately, we have been so conditioned to look at health through the eyes of industrial medicine (symptom chasing) that we can no longer see the forest for the trees!

When we go searching for our symptoms,  we are generally focused on finding a name for our illness and we are very often rewarded with a pretty heady mix of possibilities.   We then become so focused on figuring out which ailment applies to us that we completely ignore a primary fact.  All we’ve done is taken all of our symptoms, put them together in a neat little package and given them a name like Celiac or Leukemia.

At this point, whether on your own or under the care of a medical practitioner, you will begin the process of treating your ailment.  The thing is, you’re really only treating the group of symptoms that have been given the name of an ailment.

Basically, whether following the advice of a Doctor or winging it on your own, you are using products, prescriptions or lifestyle restrictions to make those symptoms go away.  That’s cure and it is a good thing, a very good thing indeed.  Unfortunately, in most cases, it is not an actual cure. It is more likely just something else to take for the rest of your life, which means you still have to spend the extra cash, modify your schedules and routines and, in general, continue doing what you’re already doing.

So what’s the problem? Why aren’t we being offered cures? I think we all know that cure is not profitable but what we don’t realize is that it…



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