How To Get Whiter Skin

My name’s Annabelle Chung. I’m a 31- year-old beauty therapist and author of the popular How To Get Whiter Skin book that has helped 68,175 people just like you achieve natural, whiter skin.

But my skin didn’t always look this good, and if you have just 2 minutes to spare, I’ll tell you my story…

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My mom is from New York and my father from Singapore. My mom is pale skinned because she is of Irish descent, whereas my father has a tanned skin tone because his family originates from Southern China.

I was born with very white skin, yet as I got older my skin got darker and patchy in places due to my mixed heritage.

I’d come home in tears. My mum would always tell me I was beautiful, but that wasn’t enough to stop me feeling embarrassed and insecure.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my father and my Asian roots, but I like the look of my skin when it’s lighter and the pigmentation is even like my mum’s skin is. It just looks nicer, period.

When I reached 21 years old my skin was of mixed tone. The patchiness had calmed down but it was darker in some places than others.

And, after a year or so of research, without using any whitening products, I achieved my glowing white skin again.

Through extensive reading, studying different people from all corners of the globe and trial and error with many different holistic methods, I realized that there were a number of things I was doing to make my skin darker without knowing it, and that there were many completely natural ways to whiten the skin that few people knew about.

I discovered powerful techniques to make my skin lighter without having to use dangerous whitening products such as hydroquinone.

To be honest I surprised myself, but it was my friends who were most impressed, especially considering that most of them had been  using all sorts of creams since we were in school, and a few had suffered scaring, acne and permanent damage as a result.

Now they all come to me for advice on how to get whiter, healthier looking skin using natural methods. Even my darkest of friends have benefited from a more even and radiant skin tone.

Without using any whitening products I achieved glowing white skin again, and my book will help you do the same.

If you are born with dark black skin, you will never be milky white, and why would you want to be?! All skin is beautiful, that’s a fact.

However, what I appreciate and other people often don’t understand, is that you want the lighter, glowing, healthy and even pigmentation you had as a child, because that’s how you feel most comfortable in your skin.

You don…



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