Lose Weight, Balance Your Hormones & Transform Your Body with Yoga – Yoga Weight Loss Journey

If you’re struggling with your weight and feel lost and confused with all the conflicting fitness information available…

My name is Katrina Love Senn, and I lost over 60lbs and have kept it off for over 10 years using a mind-body approach I call, “The Healing Journey.”  As a yoga teacher and health coach, I’d like to help you:

When I was at my heaviest, it made me so angry that most authors and experts teaching weight loss and fitness had never actually been through it themselves.

They didn’t know what it feels like to wake up in a body that you don’t love, and to want to change — and yet have no idea where to start. More than anything, I wanted someone who understood that losing weight is a healing journey, not just a math equation.

I’ve had to walk out of many yoga classes in the past because they were just too long and challenging or it was just one pretzel pose after another. What I love about Katrina’s classes is that she understands how to teach beginners and all levels of students, so her classes are easy to follow, yet still extremely rewarding. I feel amazing after taking her classes and recommend them highly to all my readers.

First, there are those that want to change, but don’t know what to do (that was me). And second, there are those that know what they need to do—but just can’t seem to get started.

Whatever situation you find yourself in right now, my healing approach to yoga can help you to achieve the kind of health and weight loss goals you desire.

You’ll learn that real, sustained weight loss is actually much simpler. It’s a natural process of reconnecting your mind and your body; and there’s no better way to do that than through yoga.

“You are one of the most down-to-earth and sincere yoga teachers that I have ever practiced with”

Thank you for saying that I would be a wonderful yoga teacher. Who knows, perhaps, your words will be the inspiration for me to take that step. I think that you are one of the most down-to-earth and sincere yoga teachers that I have ever practiced with and I think considering the amount of pretension that is in some yoga circles, that is perhaps the best compliment I could ever give. See you on the mat again soon!

Thank you for a truly amazing week and for your company and inspiration. It was great how accessible you were to the group. I never felt uncomfortable to approach you and to ask you questions regarding yoga (or emotional concerns) I had at the time. The structure of the classes – the postures, the affirmations, the intentions, the mantras and the healing techniques – were all so fun! I loved your energy, vibrancy, warmth, compassion, inspiration and interesting conversation. Everything flowed and felt…



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