NicheReaper 2.0 – Automated Keyword Discovery Tool

Even if you’re certain that the keyword has good traffic & low competition there’s still a high risk of failure. Some keywords are are simply low commercial value.

These include “info keywords & “specific long tail leywords. The keyword has to have some commercial intent to be worth anything to anyone. Most keyword tools won’t tell you that.

The Holy Grail of on-line marketing is finding the high traffic, low competition’ high commercial intent keywords. To find these usually you’ll need to come up with some ideas & then research: traffic stats, PPC value, expected Adsense earnings, competitor’s backlinks, social exposure data etc. Some of this data is only available through costly paid search metric sites.

Even if you uncover just 1 possible hot keyword you’ll usually find 100′s of variants which are also worth investigating. This multiplies your research time exponentially. This usually means cross referencing multiple keywords via multiple data sources. Time which most of us can’t spare.

Step 1 – Think Up Keywords Throw your keyword idea at keyword research tools & see what derivatives come out from your seed keyword. Make list of keywords with at least 1000+ monthly searches

Step 2 – Related Keyword Research Use keyword research tools to find more related keyword ideas with at least 1000+ monthly searches

Step 3 – Paid Keyword Research Research each keyword with trusted search metrics tools such as SEOMOZ or SEMRUSH to get accurate traffic, CPC figures & adword competition data

Step 4 – Competitor Research Research all Google page 1 competitors by performing backlink, social signal & SEO factor checks to get an idea of effort/strategy required to beat competitor

NicheReaper is a pioneering research tool which doesn’t mess about. It’s the only real time keyword discovery tool that searches the web 24 hours a day & digs up some 60,000 new trending keywords per day & researches them ALL! But not just any old keywords…

When developing this product our primary objective was to save users time & only deliver the best opportunities. So we removed anything which is “probably worthless” from our results.

In NicheReaper 1.0 we kept all 7 Million researched keywords in our database… seemed like a good idea at the time however it’s harder to find hot trending keywords with huge volumes of data – so in NicheReaper 2 we’re dumping all data over 60 days old.

So you get is 5000+ daily trending keywords & approximately 300,000 keywords* researched in the last 60 days. So all you have to do is find something you like, look at the evidence & make your choice. (*NicheReaper 2.0 was switched on in January 2014 so keyword volume will be 150,000 – 300,000 for Feb-March 2014)

90%+ of ideas are rejected with keyword research, hence thinking up new ideas is not an efficient use of time – specially as that time could be better spent on profitable activities

With NicheReaper you don’t have to, it does it all for…



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