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If you’re wondering whether or not to do Molly’s Reboot, just do it. The food is so delicious and clean that I found Days 1 and 2 a breeze and by Day 3, I was feeling lean, clean and stronger than I had in years. By Day 6, I knew this was the beginning of a much healthier relationship between me and food for life.

The biggest takeaway from this past week for me was that eating healthy doesn’t mean eating boring. Flavoring is huge part of my cooking. I was amazed at all the different flavors herbs and spices and different veggies add to a meal. It wasn’t bland or blah as I expected. It was simply, delicious!

"I feel fantastic because of you. Here’s why: I went shopping to get some new summer clothes. "Damn I hate shopping", is what I was saying to myself as I left home. In the past I try on clothes and can’t find anything I like or that fits. I’m thinking I’m one size and I find I’ve gone up a size! But guess what? I took a pile of clothes into the change room (the sizes I was wearing in the winter) and found them all too big on me!!!I went back out and got everything in a size smaller and hot damn they fit! In fact they were a bit loose! I haven’t been this size since before I had my son 28 yrs. ago!!! I think if I keep this up I’ll be down another size by the fall! Damn sister I walked out of the stores with my arms full (instead of walking out crying with nothing!) I’m so damn proud of myself and so damn glad I found your blog and made the connection with you. Your reboot literally changed my life.You really are a gem. THANK YOU!!!"

"As a mom I try to give my kids the healthiest choices I can, it doesn’t always happen that way because life gets in the way. I loved the daily check-ins and if I was feeling down, Molly had amazing words to inspire me and help get me back on track. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this week has gone. Everything is handed to you, all you have to do is shop, cook, and eat. I am amazed at the transformation in my body in just one week! I lost 6 pounds! That is almost a pound a day. I am so happy to have done this and my body is even happier. That bloated blah feeling is gone and I have energy again. I was given the tools and recipes to start my way to a healthier lifestyle. I am excited to see where this new journey of clean eating takes not only me but my family too."

I signed up for her weekly newsletter and was hooked. Molly’s way with words and saying things like they are really hit home with me…



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