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Every single week, a whopping 89.7% of the US adult population – 228 MILLION people — is getting scammed at the grocery store.

Everyone who is trying to eat healthy is basically WASTING $123.91 and 41 minutes every single time they visit the supermarket.

Why? Simply because they end up buying the wrong foods, and falling for the clever marketing tactics and fattening traps that the Global Food Conglomerate has set up in every aisle.

But if you buy any of the foods below, the food companies have already found an easy way into your wallet…

Sales of juice, powder, tea and supplement capsules containing the Brazilian acai berry generated more than $130 M in the last year alone.

Consumers buy acai to benefit from one of the world’s best antioxidants, but most of the time because they think it will help them burn fat faster.

You see, no actual study or research paper has ever proven that these berries speed up fat loss in any way.

On top of that, unless your acai berries are freeze-dried with a very expensive technology (less than 1% than products on the market), then the actual antioxidant content will be way lower than any berry you can find locally – for a fraction of the price.

The acai berry scam is shocking, but “gluten-free” products win the gold medal of all food scams and treachery with annual sales that should rise to $6.2 billion by 2018, according to a new report from MarketsandMarkets.

Food marketers take advantage of the fact that the word “gluten-free” on a food label instantly increases sales.

And they fool customers into paying MORE for gluten-free meat, gluten-free rice and freakin’ gluten-free broccoli!

The only foods that you should buy “gluten-free” are those made with wheat, barley or rye. Everything else is a scam.

Everyone knows this… most fruits and veggies are sprayed with toxic pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals that can screw up your hormones and your entire health.

The thing is… it’s not because something is "organic" that’s it automatically healthy! Most organic granola bars, cookies, juices and other processed foods are still packed with enough sugar (natural or not) to make you fat and sick…

On top of that, not 100% of all fruits and veggies is full of toxic chemicals. A lot of small farmers can’t even afford the organic certification, and still sell amazing chemical-free local produce.

Without this information, most people are not taking any chances and WASTING hundreds on the wrong organic foods.

Unfortunately, after investigating for years, we can assure you that this is just the tip of the Iceberg…

All these hours trying to figure out what foods are really healthy, and trying to avoid buying the wrong stuff at the grocery store…

All the times you spent more of your hard-earned money on gluten-free, organic and “all-natural” superfoods…

All these hours staring at food…



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