The Book – The Biblical Path To Wellness – an interactive memoir series by Kaysha SahaiThe Biblical Path To Wellness – an interactive memoir series by Kaysha Sahai – One Woman’s Journey to Acceptance…

In this book, the author declares biblical meditation as the basis for her own inner healing and deliverance.

To connect with her readers, she shares her personal story, recounted with love and insight. Kaysha Sahai, both a Biblical Health Coach and trained Meditation Teacher, explores her experiences with the Word as her guide. She also outlines the biblical meditation technique which led her to embark on a journey of acceptance, healing and purpose.

“I have been reading it for the past few days and I must say I have truly been enlightened. Kaysha a Multi-Certified Biblical Wellness Coach shares her personal story and the techniques she learned to bring self acceptance and balance in her life. I learned a few things about myself I had not thought of and in just the short time that I have been applying her techniques, they are making an enormous difference for me.You owe it to yourself to check this book out. I recommend it to any and everyone who is struggling with self acceptance, finding balance in Christian walk or dealing with an illness. If you know someone who falls into this category why not sow a seed of love and give it to them to them as a gift. Then just water it with prayer and sit back watch. Once they read and apply what she shares you will see the results of your seed sown.”



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